About Us

We are a health-tech company based in Singapore. We provide an integrated diagnostic and intervention platform to offices, gyms, clinics, pharmacies, community centres and apartments. The platform includes a self-monitoring health check-up kiosk installed permanently onsite for users check their key health vitals such as blood pressure, glucose, bmi & body composition, ecg, spo2, temperature, breath CO, breath alcohol, cholesterol, uric acid, etc. Users are then given personalized diet, fitness and medical recommendations, or they can video call doctors and nutritionists from the Kiosk.

We also sell medical devices in retail. The devices connect to MedCheck App. The App keeps readings in easy-to-understand graphs and filters. App also records height, weight, and lifestyle habits, to provide personalized diet and fitness recommendations so users can start to play an active role in their own healthcare.


We are winners of SLUSH Singapore, Asia Smart App Awards and Inspreneur and shortlisted nominee for Apicta Awards, Techblazer Awards and others.