About Us

We use IoT-enabled medical devices and AI-enabled algorithms to offer unique subscription service to help corporates measure health and wellness metrics of their workforce through provision of easy-to-use, portable and wireless-enabled health check-up kiosk at their premises.

Employees use the kiosk to check key health metrics such as blood pressure, blood glucose, bmi, body composition etc. at their own convenience. Employers get dashboard to view summary results, track outcomes over time, and receive access to a curated and relevant set of wellness service providers. For more info, please visit

We also sell the medical devices in retail. The devices connect to smartphone via MedCheck App. The App keeps readings in easy-to-understand graphs and filters. App also records height, weight, and lifestyle habits, to provide personalized diet and fitness recommendations so users can start to play an active role in their own healthcare.

About Team

We are a small team of 15 people. We do R&D and design work in-house including hardware, software, product designing, prototyping, and testing. We outsource hardware manufacturing to companies in Taiwan and China.